Tax Management

Tax Management


Non-habitual resident status

If you have recently registered residency in Portugal or if you are a Portuguese emigrant, entrepreneur, company director, qualified professional or retiree, you may benefit from reduction on your yearly personal income tax.

This regime, however, requires in-depth study. As such, our NHR services include conducting studies to verify the eligibility of the applicants to the regime, obtaining documentation, completing the steps necessary to prevent double taxation and filing requests to the authorities.


Tax litigation

Sometimes taxpayers face a conflict between their statements and the tax authority decision.

In these situations, when requested, we represent the client's defence, either before the authority or in court.


Company audit and fiscal advice

The performance of a company can be measured through an audit. Audits can have several purposes: financial, legal, tax, efficiency etc.

We carry out audits of any nature according to the client’s needs and, when necessary, have them overseen by certified professionals. The results provide important information, so directors can evaluate the true status of their company. 

Audits often detect fiscal inefficiency, poor accounting practices and economic/financial aspects of companies that require urgent attention.

Tax advice can be provided at any time, whether as a one-off service within the scope of an audit, or continuously, by means of periodic client monitoring by a tax attorney. Directors are provided with a legal view of fiscal matters, which, when combined with an economic/accounting view, allows companies to optimise their financial performance, while maintaining strict compliance with the tax law.


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