Corporate Law

Corporate Law


Business & Investment

Nowadays, companies face countless challenges. While management science was able to provide solutions to most problems faced by entrepreneurs 30 years ago, that’s certainly not the case today. In order to run a well-structured, viable and efficient business, key personnel need to access knowledge from law to accouting and management, including IT and communication sciences.

As such, we provide business and investment advice based on the legal framework of a company and its stakeholders. We use the input from specialised advisers and qualified lawyers in the subject areas required to put together a solid business plan.


Digital efficiency & corporate training

It’s impossible to talk about businesses and investments without mentioning efficiency.

Nowadays, the usage of management software has become essential and, as such, users also face significant challenges, all with legal repercussions. It is vital that business models and management tools are designed according to the contemporary challenges: professional and business confidentiality, data protection and fiscal transparency, among others.

In order to ensure these standards, both directors and employees must be trained accordingly.


Tax advice & legal procedures

Understanding the tax system of the country in which a company operates is always a complex task.

A range of taxes, fees, licenses and obligations are required of all companies, as a result of their operations. Apart from that, there are quite a few mandatory actions that must be taken throughout the financial year. Legal advice on fiscal and business subjects is an efficient tool to guide investors towards their goals. 


Incorporating Startups

The process of incorporating a company can become complex, depending on the business model in mind. Our services include the necessary legal procedures since the incorporation certificate to the actual beginning of the operation. To promote efficiency, the service is almost always provided digitally and, in most cases, company incorporation and planning can be carried out entirely on a remote basis.


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