Conveyancing & Due Diligence

Conveyancing & Due Diligence


Purchase & sales due diligence

The purchase and sale of property is a bureaucratic procedure that carries great responsibility and requires a series of strict legal procedures. We provide a complete service  that includes drawing up POAs, agreements, paying taxes, and signing and registering deeds, in addition to all other minor steps: all on our clients’ behalf.

We help our clients setting up utilities in their new home (water, electricity, gas, communications etc.), as well as insuring the property through multi-risk policies.


Tax advice

We provide tax advice for investors since the very first step: applying for a Portuguese fiscal number.

There are several taxes involved, as well as many other variables, when you commit to buy a property.

A considerable amount of tax information is required to ensure that the buyer and the seller fulfil their fiscal obligations. Examples of taxes that may be charged are, namely: ownership transfer tax, stamp duty, bank loans duty and capital gains tax.

In more complex investment cases that involve structuring and planning operations, financial charts and forecasts can be drawn up upon request, with the help of certified accountants and business management specialists.



Whenever is necessary to ensure the proper execution of a transaction, and upon request, we can carry out inspections or surveys to properties on behalf of our clients, assisted by certified technicians (civil engineers, architects etc.).


Financial advice

Our services can cover applications for bank loans on our clients’ behalf, which will include the signing of the loan agreement , the insurance policy and real estate commision agreements.


Renting your property 

Property rentals pose various challenges to owners who want to generate income from their properties, namely the choice to do it as an individual or through a company, how to comply to the safety rules in force and how to fulfil the fiscal obligations. 

We can provide the full service for that purpose, including the choice of the optimal tax model, with the assistance of certified accountants.


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