Construction & Permits

Construction & Permits


Planning permission

Building works must undergo complex procedures and often require licensing or permits.

Assessing the applicable rules and the corresponding licensing procedures is essential to submit the applications to the authorities or to negociate the contracts with public and private entities.

Such procedures must comply to the regulation in force, depending on the type of property:

- Housing estates;

- Local lodging;

- Hotel establishments;

- Tourist allotments or apartments;

- Resorts;

- Eco tourism in rural areas.


Building contracts

The advisory services regarding conveyancing and construction include the compliance with the intended usage, namely the typology and category, in addition to the compliance with legal formalities and contracts.


Construction phase of a construction

We also support the client in the contruction phase, which covers remodeling and/or demolishing.

These services comprise the execution, inspections, payments, supply contracts, security checks, monitoring the progress of the work and the key delivery.


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